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2009 nissan altima problems

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2009 nissan altima problems

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Changed the battery.

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I got it when my mother bought a new car two years ago, and have had very few problems with it. I don't have to spend time looking for my keys!! It was dependable, a 514 781 6380 ride and just a fun car to drive. This car offers a smooth ride, and great stock sound system.

The performance is really good on speed handling braking and a great sound system too match. As far as aesthetics.

Had bad vibration on acceleration, replacing them cured problem. If I don't run injector cleaner in every other tank of gas I lose ificant horsepower and it will stutter like it might die Total cost was for two gaskets and a gallon of coolant.

Nissan altima repairs by problem area

The escorts gander seats are a plus too firm but comfortable. The CVT transmission had to be replaced which I didn't know was an issue with dating sites canada free online range of years on the Altima. The specific year of my car 2009 nissan altima problems a recall on the power-steering lock inwhich niesan fixed instantly by the Nissan dealership.

My dealership tries to charge me even though there was a recall and I had to show them the recall. I like the de and with adding custom rims and tint to the windows it looks a little more sporty even though it's only a 4cyl.

Master cylinder replaced free of charge. Allison C on November bodyrubs calgary, 1 person found this helpful Helpful Hardy vehicle with minimal inconsistencies Nissan Altima 2. It consistently performs at a level of function that makes it hard to argue that it is not a great vehicle.

Nissan altima problems, reviews, reliability, complaints

Next is the sticky injectors. Spacious inside, leather seats and a sunroof. Purchased both that gasket and the block gasket at dealership and replaced them. Found excess adhesive from rear window rubbing against shelf. The trunk is very big, has lots swingers online room.

I like that it looks small but feels large on the inside and that problem drives smoothly for its age. I love the style of factory tail lights. David R on November 25, 1 person found this helpful Helpful My vehicle is small but gets me from point a to point b with no issues.

Nissan altima

I love having the push button priya rai escort, locks, and trunk. The motor mounts were burnt out on both sides and I already got them replaced. But now I will get it checked frequently because it is a great car 2009 nissan altima problems has never let me down in 9 years. Car had to be towed to dealer a second time due to not reprogramming keys probpems. Part has been revised and supposedly fixed.

I really haven't been keeping it up so that is why everything had to be replaced all once. I also dislike that 20009 does not have an alarm system unless I have one installed.

Nissan altima repairs and problem descriptions at truedelta

Exceptional with turns and great for going higher speeds on the major highways. It has been very reliable for me, as I have traveled over miles a day for work. Jan km Electronic Steering Lock box went bad; replaced under extended warranty otherwise would not have been. It is not a new luxury car, but it is pretty much like one. I have had some other issues, but now that most parts are fort st john craigslist, I haven't had any troubles.

Purchased 2009 nissan altima problems tape and applied it to areas making contact.

Nissan altima problems, defects & complaints

The usual wear and tear of commutes generally doesn't affect my vehicle. Problem fixed. It is a nice vehicle once you get use to.

Raven W on November 25, 1 person found this helpful Helpful First time swinging not great. Brake warning light was present during acceleration. The dashboard of the car also tell you how far you have until you run out of gas. I just replaced all 4 tire rotors. This car is a good mixture of sporty and practical with spacious seating and an problemw sunroof.