Cardi B Goes On Epic Rant Over Offset, Their Child And “Psychotic” Fans

Cardi B Goes On Epic Rant Over Offset, Their Child And “Psychotic” Fans

Cardi B’s Instagram Live rants have become a part of pop culture that we just can’t live without, and her latest touching on the need to give her and Offset’s baby, Kulture Kiari Cephus, some privacy makes a very swear-filled point. 

The rapper’s video is aimed at fans that ‘stalked’ her in order to get pictures of Kulture, who she’s choosing to keep private for the time being until she’s ready to reveal the little one herself.


Speaking into the camera, Cardi says: “I just wanted to take a picture of my baby sitting in a little tutu… it f***ed me up mentally how people really do have no integrity and they really had the audacity to f***ing stalk me… and practically took a picture of my kid and that s*** makes me so f***ing mad.”

She goes on to say that there’s a lot of “psychotic fans” and “psychotic people” that don’t like her and that she wants to protect her baby until she’s “mentally ready” to deal with the exposure that comes with introducing a celebrity baby to the world.


 And it isn’t just the spotlight that is making Cardi want to stay under the radar atm, as she touches upon her treatment during pregnancy, saying: “First of all you harassed me the whole time I was pregnant… Let me protect my baby, let me do things in my time at my pace.”

“My number got leaked and I got proof of crazy, disgusting messages that I literally got a private investigator to see who are these people… why won’t you respect [that we want to protect our child]… my enemy could be right next to me.”

In other news, there’s a new game. Take a sip (of pumpkin spice latte, duh) every time Cardi uses a variation on the word f**k.

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