Charlotte Crosby Ruthlessly Claps Back At Fans Who Disapprove Of Her New Josh Ritchie Tattoo

Charlotte Crosby Ruthlessly Claps Back At Fans Who Disapprove Of Her New Josh Ritchie Tattoo

Former Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has revealed a brand new tattoo on Instagram, and it’s of boyfriend, Joshua Ritchie’s, name.

Obvs, her fans started commenting instantly telling the Just Tattoo Of Us presenter that she probably should of thought the tattoo through, after having to laser off two previous boyfriend’s names, but she was having none of it.

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And in typical Charlotte fashion, she began commenting back with the most hilarious clap backs. She kept it real, and we like that.

“I love you Charlotte but have you not learnt from the past with partner tattoos,” wrote one follower, and it looks like Char hasn’t and brilliantly just doesn’t care.


She wrote back saying: “Learning has always been a struggle for me.” If we could whack a bunch of laughing face emoji’s right here, we would. Amazing.

And that’s not all. One follower wanted to know why Char insists on getting lad’s names tattoo’d on her, and she doesn’t miss a beat.


Replying with: “Technicallyyyyyyyy this is the first boys name I’ve on me, that’s just if we were beingggggg technicallll here [sic],” and we call shade.

The winner of Best Instagram Comment? Well that goes to this fan, that wrote: “Well thank god for laser treatments… just in case! X”.


“That’s why I chose the thin line work thinking ahead,” Charlotte replied. Actual LOLs. At least she actually has thought this one through though.

And Charlotte stayed as honest as ever, admitting that she only posted the photo because she needed the online engagement. 


Fellow Geordie Holly Hagan commented too, with: “This is just typical Charlotte Crosby.” And if anyone knows Char, it’s Holly.


And one fan commented: “Your reply’s are KILLING me [sic].” We hope people aren’t actually dropping dead, but we relate.

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