Did You Notice The Hidden Meaning In Ariana Grande Song ‘Breathin’?

Did You Notice The Hidden Meaning In Ariana Grande Song ‘Breathin’?

Ariana Grande fans have reversed the intro to the song ‘Breathin’ off the singer’s Sweetener album, and have found a beautiful hidden message.

The message comes from Ari’s late grandpa, Frank Grande, and is a recording of him telling the singer: “Tonight is your special night, do something magical.” All the feels. We feel them all.

At the start of the song, when played normally, you can hear a bunch of muddled up, distorted words. But when you flip the intro to play in reverse, you can hear them clear as day. Well, kind of.

The words seem to be slightly altered from the original recording in order to make them fit within the song as a hidden little gem.

And this isn’t the first time Ariana has featured grandpa Grande on a song.

As he tells the story of how he fell in love with the hilarious Nonna (Ari’s grandma, Majorie) at the end of her song ‘Daydreamin’, from the popstar’s debut album Yours Truly.

A recording of Grandpa Grande giving Ari a motivational boost also featured during the singer’s Honeymoon Tour, before she belted out ‘My Everything’.

Frank Grande passed away in July 2014 after a long-term battle with cancer, aged 90, which makes the loving tribute even more special.

And Ari’s fans think the same, with one tweeting: “God bless his soul and OUR grandpa!”, and others are declaring their love for her artistic choice:

Brb while we go play ‘Sweetener’ on repeat, because we have a whole new appreciation for the album.

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