Hailey Baldwin Has A Mystery Word Tattooed On Her Neck But What Does It Say?

Hailey Baldwin Has A Mystery Word Tattooed On Her Neck But What Does It Say?

Hailey Baldwin has debuted a brand new tattoo on her neck and even the most beady-eyed fans can’t figure out what the intricate design actually says.

The model was spotted with the fresh inking in Los Angeles after she was snapped getting into a car with her hair pulled back. The word is fairly short and written in cursive, with the paparazzi picture not being clear enough to determine the actual letters. 


So far, fans have guessed that it either says “lover”, “love”, or “loyal.” One person reacted: “HAILEY TATTOOED HER NECK OR WHAT I’M FREAKING OUT YALL [sic]” as another said: “HAILEY GOT A F***ING NEW TATTOO i-“

A third person spoke for the entire internet by saying: “I need to know what it says because I saw that all of you are saying something different and I don’t know what to believe.”

It appears that the 22-year-old has also undergone a tattoo on her fingers, joining the cross on her neck, the word “pray” on her fingers, “seek” on her neck, “gente” on her hip, and “Baldwin” on the inside of her finger. 

This comes amid reports that Hailey and Justin are set to throw a major party in celebration of their wedding in September.

Planner Mindy Weiss is reportedly putting the bash together, with A-list celebrities already having received save the date invitations for the bonanza.


According to The Cut, Hailey will be wearing a wedding dress that she picked out last year which is said to be an “off-white” colour. It sounds like she got the tattoos done just in time for the big day.


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