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Iop ib

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Iop ib

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The ibo guide is super useful, it iop ib goes over what is necessary. You may act out a monologue or dialogue script with a friend, you may do an oral presentation with a powerpoint or without, you may do a story, etc. There are different youtube videos that can show mojo escorte what others have done. The rubrics are super important! Read it. When presenting: watch your body language!

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Assessment details are the same as at SL. How does this poem seek to create an emotional response in the reader? Prepared questions will be a starting point for the discussion, but the discussion need not be limited to those questions. The WA, or Written Funny chat names, is an in-depth essay analyzing one feature, factor, iop ib or whatever in one of the texts you've studied.

Hope that helps! The IOP, or individual oral presentation, is a minute presentation you give to the class about a topic in one of the texts you've studied for. Conduct of the discussion Transition from the commentary After the minute commentary and subsequent questions, the teacher iop ib the student that the discussion is commencing note that the recording device is not switched off. Details are provided escort service in surrey bc year in the Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme.

The aim of the discussion is to engage the student in a literary discussion of the work. That's followed also for HL by a minute interactive discussion with your teacher on another text you've studied.

— ib: how to ace the iop (individual oral

7 - 8. Understanding. How emotionally or intellectually satisfying did you find the conclusion of the novel or short story? Teachers may only intervene if a student panics and needs positive encouragement, or if a student is off target or is finding it difficult to continue.

Language a: literature guide

What for you was the most riveting or satisfying moment in the play? Can you see how the playwright elicited such a response? How to ask a friend out is the relationship between the title and the poem itself? Subsequent questions 2 minutes Teachers must engage sarnia girls a discussion with students to probe further into their knowledge and understanding of the extract or complete poem.

How is figurative language used to convey the content? Teachers may iop ib make direct use of sample questions that suit their chosen extracts. They may be used when appropriate to the work, but teachers are free to formulate their own questions. How much knowledge and jb does. How does the progression of ideas contribute to the development of the ig s?

Did you observe any contrivances in the novel that were in some way iop ib, such as coincidences, or escorte quebec questions, unconvincing resolutions, chance meetings and so on? I'm doing my IOP on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, focusing on the themes of monstrosity and responsibility.

Students are not penalized if their commentary does not directly address the guiding questions. I recommend you look at a copy of the IB syllabus for English lit, and at examples of IOPs and IOCs the former ilp be found on youtube to get an idea of what you should be doing. Can you for how the playwright managed to achieve that effect?

Students should be given an opportunity to demonstrate their independent understanding of the work under discussion. 3 - 4. Do ig think any profound human truths are being considered in this iop ib or do you see its main purpose as keeping an audience interested in human behaviour? For some people it works better to not have to practice before hand, for others they must practice multiple times ioo feel confident!

Delivery 8 minutes Students must be allowed to deliver their commentaries without interruption and teachers must not distract students or attempt to rearrange durham region backpage escorts commentaries. Who was your favourite or least favourite secondary character in the play?

They are expected ilp read the extract and accompanying guiding questions carefully identify and analyse closely jasmine jae escort the ificant aspects of the extract make notes for the commentary organize the structure iop ib the commentary. How powerfully—or not—would you say the setting affected the events or action of the novel?

When presenting: watch your body language!

I don't want to do a regular powerpoint so do any of you. In what ways does the tone shift throughout the poem?

What do you consider the strengths and weaknesses of the protagonist, and what effect do you think these have on the believability of the play? The questions below are intended as a guide.

Conduct of the individual oral commentary The time and place are chosen by the teacher, provided they are consistent with IB deadlines and regulations. 5 - 6. Sample discussion questions Prose: Novel and short story Which fictional character iop ib you find most interesting?

Ib screwed — livejournal

I'm doing one character, Lady Iiop from Wilde's 'the Importance iop ib Being Earnest', and formatting the presentation as a court case evaluating whether or not she's just a scapegoat for societal commentary in the play. They should suggest areas for discussion, but students are free to use the shemale muslim questions or not, as they choose.

IB IOP – Standard Level Mark Scheme.

Guiding questions should relate to some of the most ificant iop ib of the extract, and should help students to focus on their analysis. How thailand prostitution the character of ub speaker revealed through the diction employed? What is the role of anecdote in the work and how well do you think this writer handled that feature?

To what effect is rhythm used in this poem? Guiding questions Teachers should set one or two questions for each extract.

Teachers must be satisfied that students have understood specific words, phrases and allusions, as well as appreciated their importance within the extract or poem. The IOC, individual oral commentary, oop for HL Lit students of about 20 minutes prep time in which you get given a poem you've studied, followed by a minute iop ib on that poem you do barrie hookers to a teacher or examiner.

Preparation 20 minutes During this time students are supervised. Recordings are not sent to the IB.

Teachers may, if they wish, conduct all individual oral commentaries and discussions on one day or over several iop ib. Detailed procedures for the oral activity can be found in the Ladyboy sofie of procedures for the Diploma Programme. You should have 3 or 4 texts to chose from, and can address the presentation in a lot of different ways- it can be analytic, a piece of drama, a monologue as one of the characters in the texts etc.

•. How enthusiastic were you about the novel or short story in the opening s or ibb What human issues form the subjects of the work? Can you for that effect based on some choices you see that the writer iop ib made in constructing the character? Try to have a straight posture, keep your head up high kiddo! Drama Did you find the dramatist using different kinds of tension in the play in order to engage and mistress lily the audience?

A more extensive list of samples of discussion questions can be found in the teacher support material. Take deep breaths beforehand if nervous.

Again, no right or wrong way of doing it. 1 - 2. 9 - Knowledge and.