Meghan Markle ‘nicknamed Me-Gain’ by disgruntled Kensington Palace staff

Meghan Markle ‘nicknamed Me-Gain’ by disgruntled Kensington Palace staff

The Duchess of Sussex has earned the nickname ‘Me-gain’ among Kensington Palace staff, according to reports.

The new royal has annoyed a few courtiers who have given her the unflattering moniker, reports society magazine Tatler.

The article comes as Meghan, 37, has completed her last public engagement ahead of giving birth to her and Prince Harry’s first child in the next few weeks.

EMBARGOED TO 1100 FRIDAY MARCH 15 File photo dated 11/3/2019 of the Duchess of Sussex who has hailed the Commonwealth's youth as

The Duchess of Sussex has had a rocky start to royal life (Picture: PA)

Kensington Palace has refused to comment but in the past has dismissed reports that the Duchess has a difficult relationship with some of her staff.

Recalling the vicious attacks that Sarah Ferguson was subjected to after marrying Prince Andres, the magazine said: ‘Meghan has seen nothing like that – even though staff at Kensington Palace are now calling her ‘Me-Gain.’

Insiders have previously revealed that Meghan has been branded ‘Duchess difficult’ allegedly because of her demanding nature and strong work ethic.

She was said to have fired off emails at 5am during morning work-outs.

Since Meghan married Prince Harry last May, a number of key staff have quit or announced their imminent departure.

They include personal assistant Melissa Touabati, assistant private secretary Amy Pickerill and private secretary Samantha Cohen.

Reports at the time suggested Melissa – who had previously worked for Robbie Williams – had been reduced to tears and left after just six months.

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The claims have been made in Tatler magazine (Picture: Luc Braquet/Tatler)

Meghan and Prince Harry are due to leave London in the next few weeks to move to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate.

They are also formally separating their household from Prince William and Kate’s.

Meghan has been criticised by some for failing to understand the difference between celebrity and royalty, especially after her lavish baby shower last month.

Last week, royal author Anna Pasternak said: ‘’I think what Meghan’s got to realise is she cannot live life in the royal family like an A-list Hollywood star.

‘Within the monarchy it requires a very different set of behaviour.’

‘You cannot have it all. You cannot have your freedom and this privilege… It’s not a fairytale. Recognise that and live with the consequences.’

Kensington Palace has declined to comment.

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