Noah Centineo Bleached His Beard And Some Fans Have Decided To Unstan Forever

Noah Centineo Bleached His Beard And Some Fans Have Decided To Unstan Forever

Noah Centineo has made a pretty drastic change to his appearance after deciding to dye his beard blonde. 

Fans of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before have mixed feelings about the transformation, with most people wishing they could jump in a time machine and burn every single bottle of bleach in the land.


It’s also worth mentioning that the internet is currently in a very fragile state of mind after seeing images of Stranger Things actor Joe Keery with a bowl cut. Noah has now tipped them over the edge.

“Am actually crying. I am actually considering to stop my fan account,” one person reacted, as another said: “For a second I thought I could trust some men but Joe Keery got bangs and Noah Centineo bleached his beard so nevermind.”

A third pointed out that they’ve never seen a bigger cry for help than someone who actually bleaches their facial hair: “You know you’re REALLY going through something when you bleach your BEARD.” 

It wasn’t all bad though, with a few fans actually enjoying the blonde look. One person compared Noah to a “hot grandpa” as someone else went against the grain and said they’re “digging” the controversial pale beard.

Now that we’ve had time to think about it, it seems possible that Noah dyed his beard as a way to get into character for his upcoming portrayal of He-Man in Masters of the Universe.

Brb, just counting down the days until he dyes it brown again. 




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