North West Threw The Cutest Tantrum Over Kim Kardashian’s Snakeskin Boots

North West Threw The Cutest Tantrum Over Kim Kardashian’s Snakeskin Boots

North West couldn’t be any more fuming about Kim Kardashian ruining her iconic fashion moment after the mum-of-three said she wasn’t allowed to borrow her snakeskin boots.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has revealed her daughter’s love of high heels several times in the past, stemming back to that time in 2016 when she was snapped wearing some thigh-high metallic silver boots.


This time, the 5-year-old decided that her mum’s epic pink pair matched perfectly with her teddy-bear backpack, pink dress, and matching pink notebook.

In a series of images, North’s face goes from thrilled to devastated when Kim laid down the law and said the heels weren’t the right size for her: “Sooooo Miss North dressed herself and thought she was ready for the day until I explained she couldn’t wear my boots.”

Fans loved the pics, with one person writing: “That last pic is how I feel when I buy a bomb outfit only to put it on later to find out I am indeed a potato,” as another said: “LMAO….deadazz she thought she was ready to go.”

This follows the time North attended cousin True Thompson’s birthday party in a pair of strapped heels, with Kim revealing on Instagram that she “would not walk out of the house” without them.


At the time, the 38-year-old made a good attempt to get her daughter back in trainers, saying: “Put on the other shoes we brought, please!” as North continued to totter around in the forbidden heels.

Tbh, we would also cry if Kim refused to let us borrow her boots.

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