Racists’ anger as Toblerone is declared halal (but the recipe hasn’t changed)

Racists’ anger as Toblerone is declared halal (but the recipe hasn’t changed)

Members of a far-right group are absolutely fuming that Toblerone has just been certified halal.

People took to Twitter to call for a boycott of the popular Swiss chocolate while the Alternative for Germany (AfD) group said it was an example of ‘Islamisation’.

Others were quick to point out that the recipe has never changed and therefore Toblerone has always been halal – but this was somewhat lost.

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: Toblerone on display at A Tour De France hosted by Dominique Crenn and Michel Richard as a part of the Bank of America Dinner Series during the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By FOOD & WINE at Hotel Plaza Ahtenee on October 17, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for NYCWFF)

Toblerone is now officially halal but the recipe has stayed exactly the same (Picture: Getty)

The argument against the triangle chocolate started after AfD spokesman Jörg Meuthen posted about it on Facebook.

Linking to an article announcing the certification, he sarcastically wrote: ‘Islamisation is not taking place – neither in Germany nor Europe.

Ivan Lewis MP, Member of Parliament for Bury South and Greater Manchester Mayoral candidate, speaking at the 'Finding True North: Realising the Northern Powerhouse' event held by the think tank ResPublica at The Lowery Theatre on July 8th, 2016, in Salford, England. (Photo by Jonathan Nicholson/NurPhoto via Getty Images)Labour MP accused of sexual harassment quits party over anti-Semitism

‘It is therefore certainly pure coincidence that the depicted, famous chocolate variety is now certified as “HALAL”.’

Halal means ‘permissible’ in Arabic and is used to denote what is acceptable under traditional Islamic law.

It often refers to food and drink but can apply to clothing and cosmetics too.

In a statement, Toblerone maker Mondelēz, said: ‘The certification did not result in any change to our beloved traditional Toblerone original recipe.’

Despite that, people still fumed on Twitter that they would never touch the chocolate again.

Someone named ‘Christmas Ant’ said he had added Toblerone to the list of foods he no longer ate and called for a petition against the certification.

Racists' anger as Toblerone is declared halal (but the recipe hasn't changed) Credit: Prof. Dr. J?rg Meuthen

Jorg Meuthen’s Facebook rant (Picture: Facebook)

The AfD party won around 90 seats in Germany’s parliament in 2017, the first far-right group to enter since 1945.

In its manifesto, the group warns the ‘currently ongoing culture war between West and Islam’ can only be averted by ‘a bunch of restrictive and defensive measures’.

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It does not say what they are.

In 2017, Cadbury was forced to spend hours responding to furious customers after fake reports its chocolate was halal.

At the time, the English Defence League posted a Facebook message urging consumers to boycott the company and accused the brand of ‘Muslim appeasement’.

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