Serial rapist given chance to see boy he fathered in vicious attack on girl, 15

Serial rapist given chance to see boy he fathered in vicious attack on girl, 15

A rape victim who was made pregnant at the age of 15 has been told her attacker was offered a chance to play a part in the future of her child.

The woman was ‘extremely distressed’ to hear that the man who groomed her was given the opportunity to seek visits from the boy.

She told The Times: ‘I was gobsmacked. The council knew what he did to me and to other vulnerable girls.

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Stock image: A woman was told that her rapist had been offered a chance to play a role in her child’s future (Picture: Getty)

‘They knew he was behind bars and a risk to my son, who wanted nothing to do with him, but they bent over backwards to include him in the case. I felt angry and scared for my son.’

The rapist was part of a grooming gang involving men of Pakistani origin who carried out dozens of sex offences.

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There are now fears that his victim could be ‘retraumatised’ as a result of any impending court cases.

It is not currently known if it was an error on behalf of a social worker or if there were failings in the system.

A family court judge found that the mother was unable to deal with her son’s complex needs when a council applied for a care order, with her support.

In such cases they have a legal obligation to include anyone with ‘parental responsibility’. In this case the rapist was not named on the birth certificate and the boy wanted nothing to do with his paternal family.

The council, which is not being named, visited him in prison where they offered to keep him updated about the case, The Times reported.

The council declined to comment but a spokesman told the paper that they were complying with family court practice decisions.

An official from the Ministry of Justice visited the mother while a government spokesman said it was clear that only people with parental responsibility should ever be notified about such cases.

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