Women reveal horror stories of nightmare mother-in-laws

Women reveal horror stories of nightmare mother-in-laws

‘He was really apologetic to her and it pissed me off because she’d invaded our home unannounced.’

Amanda, 35, London, part-time student and substitute teacher

‘My mother-in-law is horrible.

‘The first time we met, she assumed I was a Muslim, because “oh, well, you’re dark and from the Middle East”.

‘That in itself wasn’t the big issue, but she followed it up by asking how our relationship even works, since my fiancé is white.

‘At Christmas, she’ll give our kids and my fiancé a gift, but will purposefully not buy one for me (despite the fact we always get her one).

‘And sometimes, when she really wants to anger me, she’ll point out that having a c-section isn’t a real birth, and that all real mums will breastfeed their children. The latter hits home hard, because I was unable to due to medical reasons, and she knows that.’

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‘I don’t have any specific stories as such, but my mother-in-law is terrible.

‘From the start she’s resented me for having a career, she thinks I’m posh and made of money because I live in London.

‘She once tried to make my fiancé, her son, pay for bills and water when we stay at theirs on the weekend for one night.

‘We now sleep on the floor when we visit.

‘Last time I was there, she said she “hated house guests”, and she and her husband ignored me the whole time.

‘She’s also not contributing to the wedding , s she thinks “that’s the bride’s job”.

‘All she talks about is herself and she me pictures on WhatsApp of her bruises going “poor me”. She’s just a very odd woman with the world on her shoulders.’

Marianne, 60, Sweden, retired

‘My mother-in-law was the absolute worst, she actually drove me to the brink of madness. At one point, I was experiencing serious mental health problems because of her.

‘She never left us alone, and butted into everything. She’d enter our bedroom without knocking when she stayed over, she’d come and interrupt our private conversations and ask that we tell her what we’d been chatting about.

‘Despite my husband and I making it very clear we didn’t want her opinion.

‘And worst of all, she was very cruel to our children, she didn’t like them and made sure they were aware of it. When they were younger, she’d say bad things about them and about my family to me, and it would cause us to fight a lot.

‘Eventually, we just stopped visiting.

‘And some 15 years later, my husband and I got divorced. His family played a big part in that.’

Christina, 32, Huddersfield, financial controller

‘It’s a long story, but on one occasion my mother-in-law hit me and stormed out, after which we didn’t speak for months.

‘Just before Christmas, still not speaking, she summoned my husband to see her, saying she had medical health emergency news that couldn’t be told over the phone.

‘My husband went to her house, thinking she was going to tell him she was terminally ill.

‘Turns out she had vaginal dryness, and wanted him to hear it straight from her and nobody else.

‘As soon as she’d said it, she began talking about the kids and holidays, just like it was nothing and we’d all made up.’

Names have been changed, to protect the privacy of these women so they can gossip about dreadful mother-in-laws (and to prevent future fights).

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